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Agility is the word that best defines the change of environment, in the world of work, with respect to traditional work methods.
Instead of rigid and hierarchically organized office structures, current environments must react flexibly to the different activities and work schemes as they are presented, and especially in the current Pandemic situation, since it will require ingenious solutions for all workspaces.

This new way of working must allow spaces to be easily transformable and expandable to follow the dynamics of the company and effectively accommodate environments.

Screen, by Arper
Screen, by Arper

The specific activity of the company conditions the scenario in which we work.

Definitely, modular open systems are imposed oriented to a fresh and dynamic work culture, right the opposite to classical organizations.

Screen forming a training space, by Arper
Screen forming a training space, by Arper

In these new organizations, the emphasis is on mobility, creativity and flexibility.

Therefore, the incorporation of wheels and lighter structures become essential, and stackability is a great advantage to make the most of the spaces with different uses.

Welcome to the new solutions for 100% Agile Offices!


Olga Guday