Change Management

We focus our efforts on helping employees prepare and adapt to the company’s processes and the behaviors that a new environment implies.

Centramos los esfuerzos en ayudar a los empleados a prepararse y adaptarse a los procesos de empresa y conductas que un nuevo entorno implica.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT and implementation of new working processes

We create a Management Plan, focusing on:

  • Workers, understanding the business and personal impacts.
  • Acquisition of new competencies due to the implementation of new working processes, in the case of implementing Hot Desking systems, teleworking, project work, agile systems, collaborative work.
  • With an approach to employee experience and inclusive culture.
  • The Equipment Transfer to the new space.

And we include this process in How it will be done. It is the way to anticipate the setbacks that may arise.

We focus our efforts on helping employees prepare and adapt to the company’s processes and the behaviors that a new environment implies.

We link the worker and thus minimize disruption and increase productivity, making change process a learning and growth moment.

Change Management involves five important points:

Through different tools we analyze the current situation in terms of work dynamics, processes and employee journey.

This phase allows you to establish the current situation in order to analyze the improvements to be implemented.

Together with the client company, we work to be able to define which new methodologies will be applied and how this affects both processes and skills of the professionals involved.

Today’s corporate culture will play a significant role in defining the desired scenario by focusing on the employee experience.

We carry out a preliminary and coordinated legal study to minimize time and costs.

Workers: Legal study, to avoid future disagreements and to make them feel that they are an important part of the change.

New Location: We carry out a search adapted to the detected needs of the new space, and manage all the bureaucratic procedures, saving time and Money.

Reorganization and Organization Chart: The design of the new workspace offers us the possibility of restructuring the organization chart, to achieve more efficiency and a higher quality of life for your workers.

They can love their work space!

We establishe the phases for implementation of policies in people’s management, and the impact inside the organization.

We elaborate a Planning, establishing some timings until a month after the transfer.

We define how all details about the transfer will be communicated to customers, suppliers and workers, so as not to generate uncertainties.

We create a team and mailbox of incidents with a follow-up of them.

When the day to go to the new offices arrives, we make sure that everything works and that the staff has a host team that will help them settle into their new position.

Implication and Emotion!

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