At We love work Spaces, we continue to pursue constant improvements to offer better services to our customers, and for this reason we want to make the most of the certification of office buildings as we think is the most appropriate: it is the certification through the WELL Building Standard.

The WELL Standard allows us to design offices holistically, thinking about the well-being of people and pursuing this general objective, it sets 7 main goals of analysis :

For each one of the milestones it is necessary to check that the project for the new offices complies with standards that will make life in the daily work space provide the best services at all levels.

For all these reasons, the “How to Create + Positive Spaces” Design Guide, which is a summary of the WELL Standard, prepared by the Interface company, published by its DesignLab, will be very remarkable, from which we will be giving you a series of Infographies, through our networks, that simplify the understanding of all the data that it raises.

Link to the Interface Guide:

We hope you find it interesting and can give you ideas to apply to your new offices.

Olga Guday