Luctra lighting

The daily personal rhythm is coordinated with the light of day and night. Thanks to this coordination we have a better health, that is why the lighting sector is creating products that respond to this need, through individual artificial light for workers.

This is the case of the Luctra lamp, which gives an effective response to workplace.

This light achieves different challenges:

It allows you to adjust intensity according to the time of day. Activating more intensity in the most active moments, and relaxing the intensity prior to meals or at closing time; helping users performance.

And it also allows to adjust the color spectrum to be similar to sunlight; This detail stabilizes our internal clock, according to the clinical study by the dream researcher, Dieter Kunz. This adjustment does improve our wellbeing at work.

We must introduce these products that improve people lives, as those are small changes that help companies with their objective of continuous improvement and occupational health!

Olga Guday