We have spent a long time reading articles about the impact of vegetation inside offices and the positive impact that it can bring to workers, for that reason we wanted to make a selection of the most interesting details that we have found over magazines we have consulted and other professional aspects on this subject: the Biophilic design, that is the entrance of vegetation inside workspaces, to provide all benefits of connecting with nature within the environment where humans spend more hours a day, and where it is more important to think about designs that contribute to the transmission of positive impacts.

The catalog as a summary, prepared by the company Interface, is very remarkable, through the deeper analysis published by the psychologist Cary Cooper, from which we will contribute to a series of infographics, through our networks, which simplify the understanding of all the data in the catalog.

link: http://www.interface.com/EU/en-GB/campaign/biophilic-design/Biophilic-Design-en_GB#398831311

We hope you find it interesting and can give you ideas to apply to your new offices.

Olga Guday