Tecnologia Smart

The world of offices 3.0 is accompanied by many changes and many of them are, mainly, from the technological side. New users of our offices will be Millennials, who will demand a technological format of total interconnection, without which it will be difficult to retain them.

Technological interconnection is necessary to solve those problems through different ways:

One way is the connection of our Smartphones with the company, so that from anywhere in the world we can manage the company: either to access the server of the company from any device that has access and from anywhere in the world; it can also be used to access the lighting of the office and optimize it for everyone, graduating according to someone or according to the specific activity of each user, all thanks to the sensors; and it can also be used to control the intelligent climate control system and get it graduated for the different spaces taking into account the interior, exterior temperature, the day of the week, number of people, etc.

Another way is the telephone switchboard, which can be connected to the internal management program, which can facilitate that when they call us, we can not only know who is calling us, but  also all the instant information of that contact.

The third way is the extension in use of laptops or tablets, with which, users can connect to the plug of any table inside the office, and free the worker so that he can meet or work from the space that is most suitable for each specific project that is being carried out.

The fourth way, or example of evolution in the world of technology, is also in line with the previous one, and is that to give even more facilities to the worker, a good videoconferencing team will streamline meetings that previously had to be done in person. Decisions are taken faster and the company gains time and reduces unnecessary travels.

All these proposals for improvement for offices are technological improvements to bring new work formats into our offices, to capture the talent of Millennials, and to retain this talent! These proposals for improvement are the way to improve the productivity of the company 3.0!


Oriol Melcior

Director of ICT projects