Agile Office Furniture

New forms of collaboration, like Agile System, favor the new creation of work environments not assigned to a single user (hot desking).

In these new environments, the use of all furniture should be intuitive and immediate and therefore requires a new generation of smart office chairs that can be automatically adapted to each new user who requires its use.

Active chairs that recognize people’s weight and regulate the pressure of the backrest, the ideal solution for workstations with users who frequently change of collaboration area.

This new furniture format is the end of the annoying old furniture manuals.

Self-adjusting chair
Self-adjusting chair from Okamura model Luce


Interstuhl Stool


This ease of use also works for adjustable tables (in height and via mobile application) and lighting (biodynamic and also managed on a personal and individual level via mobile application).

JG group lift table
JG group lift table
 lift table
Lifting table via application of the JP group brand


LUCTRA brand table lamp

We look forward to inspiring you to promote change in your Offices!



Olga Guday